Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have wanted to find a field of sunflowers to photograph for a long time.  I usually just miss them when they are in bloom.  Late last week John came home and said that there was a field on highway 6 that I had to check out.  It was a beautiful sunny day today and the flowers seemed to glitter in the sun.  We were not the only ones that had decided to snap some were coming and going constantly with people searching for that perfect shot. 

I took quite a number of shots, some better than others, but I was very pleased with the results.  It is impossible not to smile when you see a field of blooming sunflowers extending for acres into the distance.


  1. These pictures are gorgeous Mel. You are so right about them bringing a smile to your face. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pics.

  2. very cute cards & I LOVE your photos of the sunflowers. I planted a few around my mailbox & the silly things have grown to over 8 feet tall. My mailman said they were pretty so he would deliver around them ... They make me smile everytime I see them & have many people commnt on them.
    I signed up to follow you to see more things you create.
    Hugs from Montana, Janie