Sunday, July 11, 2010


We went to Wasaga Beach today with our good friends Chris and Margaret, their girls, our kids and a friend.  The weather was hot, but not too hot, until just after lunch when a fast moving storm came in over the lake, complete with thunder and as it came in closer, lightning.

We figured we'd just wait it out and carry on and then the skies opened up and delivered a deluge of almost biblical proportions.  High winds and large pea sized hail completed the picture.  We waited it out in the cars, after gathering assorted items and getting totally soaked. 

We had a blast!  The kids were in the water for quite some time but wisely came in when the thunder started rolling.  Fortunately they were well out of the water when the lightning started. 

On the way up we drove through Amaranth and we saw the huge wind farm there.  I realise that there is a lot of opposition to wind turbines but driving past them we thought they were pretty cool.  The sweeping blades of the turbines were almost hypnotic and we quite enjoyed watching them.  I snagged a couple of pictures from the car on the way up, we weren't able to stop on the way back, but will certainly have to go back sometime to explore them more closely. 

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