Monday, April 18, 2011

Brayering With Michelle Zindorf

This weekend past I had the pleasure to attend a beginner and advanced brayering workshop with Michelle Zindorf.  For those you unfamiliar with her she is an amazing artist and travels all over the states teaching her techniques to eager students. 

We made a total of 6 cards in the workshops, each more beautiful than the rest.  She covered not only basic brayering but sponging and emboss resist techniques, as well as reflection cards and other topics.  I don't want to give all her secrets away here, but suffice to say I came away with LOTS to think about.  :)

I had originally posted the cards we made here on my blog for everyone to see but I read somewhere that Michelle likes to keep the cards a suprise for upcoming students, so out of respect for her I have deleted all of the ones that we did in class.  The blue palms card is based on a card that we made, that we were challenged to do in two different color families.  I haven't decided the second family yet.  :)

Blue Palms
I am really thrilled with this one, I was a little worried that I would not be able to remember the techniques we learned.  Michelle has over 400 tutorials on her website for cards.  I plan on spending a lot of time time there.   :)  Thanks for looking!